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The Internationale

Political Parties
    Below are two versions of the Internationale, the song of socialists around the world, in Irish - with a literal English translation of the lyrics.

NB: I have made the translations myself, and my Irish isn't great, so any help with the translating would be appreciated.

An t-Internasionale1
   le Máirtín Ó Cadhain

Músgluighidh, a bhrothuine na cruinne!
a dhíoghadh an ocrais, aire dhaoibh!
Tá an tuigsint ina buabhall buile
Saghdabh an duine chun malrait saoghail.
De shaen-ré na ngreasóg déanaim casair
Al na laincise, músgluighidh
Sinne nach faic muid, gheobhamuid gradam
An sean-reacht leagfar bun os cionn.

Sí'n troid scuir í, a bhráithre,
Éirighmis chun gnímh
An t-Internationale
Snaoidm-comhair an cine daonn,
Sí'n troid scuir í, a bhráithre,
Éirighmis chun gnímh
An t-Internationale
A bhéas mar chine daonn.

The Internationale
   by Máirtín Ó Cadhain

Awake, brothers of the world!
Who the hunger drained, be acknowledged!
Understanding is a mad bull
It provokes man to a change of life
The old period of superstition, I storm upon
Mass of the fettered, awaken
We who are worth nothing, we'll get respect
The old law will be knocked upside down.

_______, brothers,
We'll rise into action
The Internationale
Sculpture-help of the human race
_______, brothers
We'll rise into action
The Internationale
Will be like the human race.

An t-Idirnáisiúnta2
   le Máirtín Ó Cadhain

Éirigí, a lucht ocrais, as bhur gcodladh!
Éirigí, a dhaoraithe na gainne!
Mar anois tá an reabhloid ag tonnadh,
is tá deire le ré na cainte!
Amach le bhur bpisreoga uile,
A sclabhaithe, Éirigí! Éirigí!
Athrom anois na seandrochidí,
's teanam i mbaol ar thoir na buaidhe!

Anois a chairde, tágaigí uile
Tá an cogadh deiridh ar siúil!
Aontaíonn an t-Idirnáisiúnta
An cine daonn go léir (Arís)

Níl trust ar bith againn i dtaosaigh
Na súil le slánaitheoir ó neamh
's muid ag braith ar ár lámha feinig
Chun saol nua a bhaint amach!
Os muid a chruthaios gach saibhreas,
Os muid a throideas gach cath
Aontaithe le cheile gan aon aighneas
Is againn a bheas an rath


The Internationale
   by Máirtín Ó Cadhain

Arise, you who hunger, from your sleep!
Arise, slaves of want!
Because now the revolution is surging,
And the time for talk is done
Out with all your superstitions,
Slaves, Arise! Arise!
Overthrow the abusers,
And ____ in danger on the eve of victory!

Now friends, come all
The final battle is going on
The Internationale unites
The whole human race (Again)

We have no trust in premiers
Nor look to saviours from heaven
And we depend on our own hands
To achieve a new life!
For it's we who create all wealth,
For it's we who fight all battles
United together without argument
The victory will be ours.


   1. From “The Connolly Column” by Michael O'Riordan. According to O'Riordan, Ó Cadhain wrote this version of the song in the Curragh camp in July 1941 at his request.

   2. This is a later version of the song which was, according to the Scottish Workers’ Republic, “produced ex tempore by Ó Cadhain after a convivial evening in a Dublin pub”. (Special thanks to An Talla for the assistance.)