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Political Parties
    Broad-based movements / Societies

Anti-Fascist Action Ireland - A group of individuals who believe that the rising fascist tide across Europe must be met head-on with the same ferocity as those who fought it in the 1930s.

James Connolly Society - An organisation created to foster awareness of, and interest in, the life and works of James Connolly.

Working Class Action - An alliance of socialists, republicans and community actvists, who believe that working class indpendence can only come about by “by collective political action by communities themselves”.

Magazines & Papers

The Blanket - A journal of open discussion mainly centred around left republican issues, but open to comments from all.

Fourthwrite - A left republican magazine, open to contributions, which campaigns for a democratic Irish socialist republic and other issues revolving around that goal.

An Phoblacht/Republican News - Sinn Féin party paper.

An Camchéachta (The Starry Plough) - IRSP party paper.

Political Parties & Organisations

Communist Party of Ireland - “There are those who argue that a Leninist party of the new type is no longer relevant at this stage. We believe that it is still relevant and necessary in the struggle for socialism. Our party is organised around Marxist ideology to develop policies and strategies based upon the needs and aspirations of working people.” (Source)

Irish Republican Socialist Movement - “The IRSP stands in the tradition of James Connolly, seeking an end to all forms of exploitation and the creation of a 32 county socialist republic, with the working class collectively owning the means of production, distribution, and exchange, as well as democratically administering society.” (Source)

Republican Sinn Féin - “Republican Sinn Féin believes that the historic Irish nation is a distinct, coherent unit and is entitled to exercise its own independence... We believe, in the words of one of the 18-Century founders of Irish Republicanism, Wolfe Tone, in the urgent need to "break the connection with England, the never-failing source of all our political evils".” (Source)

Sinn Féin - “Sinn Féin is working to bring about an end to the sectarian Six-County state. Organised throughout the 32 Counties, it is a radical, campaigning, activist party. It is dedicated to achieving a society free from prejudice and discrimination, and providing justice and equal opportunity for all in an independent Ireland.” (Source)

Socialist Democracy - “We struggle for a society in which class divisions are abolished and the state that enforces class rule withers away. A society based on common ownership and control of its resources by each and every one of its citizens, democratically determining the development of its economy and society, will eradicate the divisions of class, race, sex and religion.” (Source)

Socialist Party - “The Socialist Party stands for a truly secular, democratic and socialist society. The most undemocratic feature of our society, and the main barrier to achieving equal rights, justice and a dignified standard of living for all, is the dictatorship of the bosses and the capitalist market.” (Source)

Socialist Workers Party - “Working class unity can only be built permanently if Protestant turn their back on loyalist ideas, which promote their superiority, and Catholic workers reject the idea of a 'pan-nationalist alliance'. We fight for a 32 county socialist Ireland that can only be arise out of a challenge against both Irish states.” (Source)

Workers Party - “The Workers Party reiterate our long standing call for the establishment of a democratic devolved system of Government for Northern Ireland. We do so simply because we believe it is in the best political, social and economic interests of our people. The system of Direct rule by Westminster has been a disaster for all the people of Northern Ireland.” (Source)

Workers Solidarity Movement - “We see this struggle against capitalism as also being a struggle for freedom. We believe that socialism and freedom must go together, that we cannot have one without the other. As Mikhail Bakunin, the Russian anarchist said, "Socialism without freedom is tyranny and brutality".” (Source)

Note: The statements about each party above have come from their own websites, as the sources show.